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Once you have found the item you were looking for simply scroll down to where it says ‘+ Add Comment’ and click on it. Here you can share your memories of the event or comment on any aspect of the event. Please note that comments are monitored and any abusive or offensive comments will be removed.

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  1. Please fill in the form below. Please send only one image per form (jpg's only). You can send as many pictures as you like, but only one per form!
  2. Please ensure that the image is yours to share i.e. that you took it yourself, or that you have the photographer’s permission.
  3. When you send your picture please tell us what it is, when it was taken and who is in it (if they are a performer).
  4. Please also give us up to 30 words that you are happy for us to use in describing the picture. Please note there won’t be any proofing process back to you, so make sure you are happy with your text when you send it.
  5. We may want to use the picture in an exhibition or book to celebrate Fairfield’s 50th year. We won’t be able to pay any fees for the usage however we will happily credit you or the photographer. Please tell us specifically if you do not want us to do that, otherwise please tell us the name of the photographer to credit.

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